• Representation

    Our goal is to build up our client’s career in an open and transparent way. We have no hidden fees and everything is agreed in advance. This is because our goal is to represent clients we believe we can add more value into their careers. To this extent, we always want to meet in person with our prospective clients in order to discuss in depth with them how LAC Sports can help them boost their career.

  • Contract Negotiation

    Our main goal is to secure the best possible terms and working conditions for each and every athlete we represent. We also work as an Intermediary Agency for a wide range of our Agents abroad, by assisting the procedure of negotiations with Cyprus Clubs.

  • Academies Scouting

    We are constantly scouting for young talents, keeping records regarding their performance and our intention is to refer them for trials to bigger Clubs in both in Cyprus and abroad. First we have to discover them, keep constant communication with the players and their families and then jointly decide whether they are in a position to proceed and advance to a higher level. In order to achieve this, we are in communication and day-to-day update with various academies throughout Cyprus, coaches and trainers.

  • General Assistance

    We are in a position to offer legal and financial assistance, insurance and medical support and attend any need that our clients might have.